How Often Can I Use Yamco Skin Products?

The Clay Mask can be applied 2-4 times per week for efficient results. With Sensitive skin, you may apply it 2 times.

The Moisturiser is suitable for all skin types and can be used daily. It is also recommended to be applied post clay mask.

Can Your Products Be Applied On Irritated/Sensitive Skin?

All Yamco Skin products are suitable for all skin types and have been developed professionally by chemists. Furthermore, dermatologists have aided the Yamco Skin team in creating effective products. You may consult a GP if you are worried.

Are You FDA Approved?

Yes, all Yamco Skin products are FDA compliant.

How Can The Clay Mask Be Removed?

It is recommended to be removed with a warm/hot towel, followed by our #NoFilter moisturiser to reap in all the benefits to ensure your skin glows and smoothens out.

Are All Products Vegan And Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, all Yamco Skin products 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free. We are also PETA approved.

Does Yamco Products Treat Acne?

Yamco Skin’s detoxifying and purifying Clay Mask is full of active ingredients. If you experience a tingle, this is positive and means that the ingredients are working to tackle the impurities on your skin. Ensure to always moisturise after the mask!

Will I Break Out After Using The Clay Mask?

If you do experience a small break out, this is normal as it simply exemplifies our natural ingredients working on the skin and means all impurities in the skin are being brought out.

To ensure hydration, our #NoFilter Moisturiser is highly recommended post clay mask. The moisturiser will help nourish the skin, promoting the natural healing process.

How Long Do The Products Last For?

Our product life is up to 18 Months after opening.

Can You Use Yamco Skin Products If You're Pregnant?

Yes, our products are safe for everyone.

Is Your Company Based In Australia?

Yes, we are based in Sydney, Australia.